1) Social (金持ちまたは金持ちぶっている人のこと)

例:You enjoy coffee at Starbucks, you are social. (スターバックスでコーヒーを飲むなんてセレブねえ!)←フィリピン英語

英単語のsocialite (社交界の名士)から来ているみたいです。上流階級の人って感じでしょうか。

socialite (noun) someone who goes to social events organized by fashionable people/someone, usually of high social class, who is famous for going to a lot of parties and social events

2) traffic(交通渋滞を指して)

例:I was late because of traffic. ←フィリピン英語

交通渋滞の意味では辞書には”traffic jam”, ”heavy traffic”, “The traffic is heavy.”とあります。

traffic (nouN) the movement of vehicles or people along roads, or the movement of aircraft, trains, or ships along a route


traffic (verb) deal or trade in something illegal

Pres.Duterte will put in jail people who traffic in drugs.

He was charged with trafficking in stolen goods.


3)Boss/ Miss (レストランのウエイター、ウエイトレス等に対する呼びかけ)


Miss (noun) Miss is also used as a form of address to get the attention of a girl or woman


日本人ママは「休みたいなら事前に私に言ってください」という意味で”Please report me.”と言ったそうですが、メイドさんはそれを「必ず働け(休むな)」と理解してしまい、コミュニケーションがうまく行かなかったそうです。

report (verb)

-- to go to a place and say that you are there or inform someone about what you are doing:

I report for work/duty at 8 a.m. every morning.


report for duty 勤務につく、出勤する

report for work 出勤する


5)po (フィリピン語)

例:Thank you po.


Good afternoon po.
Bye po.


Thank you for reading po!


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RareJob memo 6/14 corruption

Sorry for the late.
(Sorry for BEING late.)
I’d like to share about a news I’m concerning.
(I’d like to TALK about NEWS that CONCERNS me.)

*corrupt (adj)

He is corruption.
(He is CORRUPT.)

*corruption (noun)

Tokyo people…Tokyo citizens —> good word choice

He has to be quit.
(He has TO QUIT.)

Many politician who had the corruption…
(Many politicianS who ENGAGE IN corruption…)
(Many politicianS who ARE CORRUPT…)

Other politicians will let him down.
(Other politicians will MAKE HIM RESIGN.)

for his politic aim
(for his POLITICAL aimS)

In Japan, there is a rule that congressman don’t need to file a receipt just write down amount of money on…
(In Japan, there is a rule that congressMEN don’t need to file THEIR RECEIPTS WHEN THEY TAKE THE TRAIN.

At last, he was resigned.
(At last, HE RESIGNED.)


principles 節操

who did he met with at the hotel
(He has not REVEALED the name of the person he met at the hotel.)

publish company
(PUBLISHING company)


(NHK world より)
The governor reiterated that he cannot make the name public, saying the disclosure could involve subtle political issues.
subtle 微妙な

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RareJob memo SNS/ Onsen/Anpanman

She couldn't hear the sound because I am using an earphone.
We are already sleeping at 10:00.
We can talk to each other in the morning but I am busy taking care of our baby.
Maybe today we can talk to each other because it's Sunday.

She is a performer. タレント
She was stabbed with a knife.
stab (verb) to kill or hurt someone by pushing a knife or other sharp object into their body
She was stabbed with a knife many times but she didn't die.
That day she was supposed to have a performance so she went on that stage.
She doesn't know the man's face but the man knows hers.

Don't you upload pictures or post some messages?
I don't connect with someone I haven't met
Sometimes some people send me a friend's request but I don't accept.
Some people maybe accept all the friend's request they get.

A social networking service (also social networking site, SNS or social media)
Sometimes I get friend's request,
but some people doesn't send me messages just friend's request.
I don't want to connect to people just like that.
If they send me a message maybe I can understand them and I will accept their friend's request.

I think it must have been 27 degrees yesterday.
We went there last Monday.
I went there with my mother and baby.
dip (noun) a quick swim ちょっと浸す
My baby had a dip in the pool.

The water from the hotspring has natural chemical elements.
sulfur (noun) a yellow chemical element that has a strong smell and is used for making medicines and explosives
The hotspring I am talking about doesn't have sulfur.

They are handmade. 手工芸品
It's $160 per person which include accommodation and breakfast,

In my area there are not so many hotsprings.
Onsens have healing properties.
property (noun) a quality or feature of something 効能
The water is said to have healing properties.

She just woke up from her nap.
I hope that she will have a bright future.

pan (nouN) the bowl-shaped part of a toilet/part of an object with a round shape like a bowl
the bowl of a spoon/pipe
a toilet bowl

Anpaman has been on air for a long time.
There are so many characters which we don't know.
chubby (adj) slightly fat, in the way a healthy baby or young child is
Anpanman has chubby cheeks.

Watching cartoons is a good way to make children stay still.
the tube (noun) tv
Watching the tube is not good for children's eyes.That will make their eyesight poor.
Children can't have interaction with the anime on tv.
How old was he when he started to watch the tv.

It's very hard for them to take care of her.

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RareJob memo 5/11 The president / Sakura

He walks the talk.  有言実行
How long has he doing his job?
assassinated 暗殺された
He was EXILED. 亡命させられた
exile = you cannot stay in your country or home because you will be imprisoned or punished

People love to rely to on (OTHERS).
Gawad Kalinga (name of a organization)

(EXPECT more to be given to them)

Cherry blossom is a flower on tree and I think cherry blossom is special for Japanese people. J ppl love to see CB and every year we have weather forecast on TV and in that WF they will tell us when the CB will have flowers so and the CB flower are very...we can enjoy CB flower only short time...maybe a few days or a week at the longest.
We love to go picnic under the cherry blossom flowers.
CB are lighted up and under the CB we can enjoy drinking and eating or having some small party.
Since CB are short time...lives it reminds J ppl that life is very short.

cherry blossom - flower
*go ON A picnic
*only FOR A short time
cherry blossoms are SHORT-LIVED


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RareJob memo 4/15 & 22

south area of Japan
(in SOUTHERN Japan)

I contacted with them.

I am so reliefed.
(I am so RELIEVED.)

I would like to update my life.
(I would like to update YOU ON my life.)

You will pick up Filipino words and phrases from people that you meet.
Punta tayo to the mall. = Let’s go to the mall.
Magkano ito? = How much is this?

laidback = relaxed

pudgy = fat

short-grain rice = usual Japanese rice
long-grain rice = e.g. Jasmine rice

We are going zoo.
(We are going TO THE zoo.)
I’d like to practice about my tour guide interview.
(I’d like to practice FOR my tour guide interview.

The interviewee will explain for some topic.
(This interviewee will TALK ABOUT topicS SUCH AS volcanoes and earthquakes.)
There are fire drill or earthquake drill.
(Fire and earthquake drillS ARE

We prep for e or f to that drill.
(We CONDUCT fire and earthquake drillS TO PREPARE FOR THOSE SITUATIONS.)

THE Hot spring moisturized your skin…MOISTURIZES your skin.

It was very calm for a long time and suddenly it came.
(It was very calm for a long, but IT SUDDENLY ERUPTED.)

I think some people are die.
(I think some PEOPLE DIED.)

We can make electric power from the power of that nature.

(Volcanoes Electric power can be generated

We learn some ways to evacuate in earth.
(We learn HOW to evacuate FROM A BUILDING.)
We evacuate under a desk.
(We SEEK SHELTER under a desk.)

After the shake stops, you go to out…you have to go out from building.
(After the SHAKING stops, you have to go out of the building.)

will be broadcasted

In Japan, our fire and earthquake drills are mandated by law. We have 2 of each per year. School and companies assign evacuation routes and areas that everybody needs to go to. In addition, there are DESIGNATED evacuation leaders that need to bring everybody to safety.

An alarm or radio broadcast announces the drills. We are advised to seek shelter under a desk when the earth starts shaking. When the shaking stops, we have to get out of a building in an orderly fashion to avoid panic. Some companies provide their employees with helmets to protect them falling objects.

Ring of Fire

to protect yourself by the earthquake
(to protect yourself FROM the earthquake)
*protect yourself from someone / something

duck (verb) = to lower the body
*duck down
*duck under something
*duck behind something

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