RareJob memo 4/7

She's watching me.
She can kneel but can't stand up yet.
She likes to kneel on me.

I am breastfeeding her.
kneel (verb) to go down into, or ​stay in, a ​position where one or both ​knees are on the ​ground 膝立ち
Her head is heavy so she's not good in balancing.She sometimes falls down which is dangerous.

I don't show her to other tutors except you.

Evey day I like watching drama.
In yesterday's drama. The father said an expression which moved me.


We take for granted the things that normally happen to us every day.
But we don't know we might lose the chance to have them one day,
so we have to appreciate every normal things that happen to us every day.

take each day as it comes/ take it one day aet a time
-to deal with things as they happen, and not to make plans or to worry about the future

I've lived through a lot of changes recently, but I've learnt to take each day as it comes.

brooder (noun) someone who thinks and worries a lot
he can be a real brooder.
A lot of people are brooders.They worry about the future too much.

We don't have to think about it too seriously.
Maybe doing some actions will change it but worrying won't.
I was moved with those words. 台詞

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RareJob memo 3/24

sultry (adj) sultry weather is unpleasant because the air is hot and slightly wet
She is so active.

I think that he is one of the veteran tutors of Rarejob,
The class went so slowly because he was always correcting me.

perfectionist (nouN) someone who always wants things to be done perfectly
The first time I had a lesson with him, I just thought that maybe he was just like that because it's our first time.But the second time it was still the same.

Maybe because some of them lack money.And their family don't want them to go to school.
multitasking (noun) the activity of doing more than one thing at the same time, such as talking on the phone while you are working on a computer
Men aren't good in multitasking unlike women.
I want to have/use the Daily News Article for today.

The money will be used to educate the children who are caught in the civil war.
According to Yousafzai, why are rich countries responsible for the funding of the education of Syrian children?
Rich countries are responsible because they compel refugees to go to nearby countries instead of going to Europe, yet do not pay for their education in those countries.

I think they have the ability to raise that money.
ability (noun) the fact of being able to do something
ability to do something: They have ability to convice the leaders to donate money.
Because of the war the children don't have mental stability.
stability (noun) a condition in which someone’s mind or emotional state is healthy
The stability of a child in normal family life is so valuable.

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Rarejob memo 3/5

eradicate (verb) to get rid of something completely, especially something bad
Inflation will never be completely eradicated from the economy.
It was constructed to avoid causing patrons discomfort by forcing them to use gender-specific toilets.

powder room noun) a women’s bathroom in a public building
I like using the women's bathroom because when they men use the toilet, they leave it dirty.

loo (noun) a toilet, or a room that contains a toilet
In my country, every person can use the toilet for diabled people.

lesbian (nouN) a woman who is sexually attracted to women.
You can describe men or women who are sexually attracted to members of the same sex as gay or homosexual.
bisexual (noun) sexually attracted to both men and women

come out of the closet -to say publicly that you are gay

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Rare job memo 3/4

Class Sizes in the United Kingdom Continue to Increase

jurisdiction (joo r-is-DIK-shuh n)– authority

…the teacher cannot put every student.
Maybe some studs will lose about studying.
Also, i think the teacher cannot take care all students.

day care center. 保育所

hindrance / obstacle = block

THE government is placing PRIORITY ON THE elderly people.

in all angles
(in all ASPECTS)

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RareJob memo 3/1 Too Much Salt

Do I sound strange?
I know why I sound strange cause I had a bad sleep.
entire (adj) used for emphasizing that you mean all or every part of something
Does she sleep the entire night.

forty winks (nouN) a short sleep, especially during the day
EX: She doesn't have forty winks.

Did I tell you that we may live there?

I bought an English picture book.
[dan-dl-ahy-uh n]-dandelion たんぽぽ
bib- (bib) スタイ
[awr-kuh]-orca シャチ  or killer whale
[hweyl, weyl]-whale
[sting-rey]-stingray 【魚】 アカエイ 《尾に針がある》

I take care not to have too much salt.
Synonym for pervasive is common
predisposed (adj) to be more ​likely than other ​people to have a ​medical ​condition or to ​behave in a ​particular way
Researchers have ​discovered that the ​children of these ​patients are ​genetically predisposed to ​cancer.
go easy on something-to not take or use too much of something
The ​doctor told me to go ​easy on salty ​​food for a while.

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